BBQ Father Restaurant – History

Welcome to The BBQ Father website !

Our passion for smoked meat began 15 years ago .

When we opened our first restaurant in Italy we built this massive grill on

the outside area in wich we were cooking fantastic T bone steaks and

home made “ salamella” panini ……..

We bought our first smoker in Australia , and gradually our customers

couldn’t get enought of it so my obsessed husband …… craved for


So at the beginnning of last year ( 2013 ) Salvatore ( my crazy

husband ) knew where he needed to go to expand his knowledge and

buy smokers in Texas !

Salvatore flew to Texas last february ( 2014 ) for 4 days …….told you

he is crazy :”) and He finally meet the guys from Pit Maker .

A special thanks to Vic and Pete .

Together with them Salvatore choose his SMOKERS!

Then He flew back to OZ and started to build the trailer for the

smokers and a big thanks go to all the local businesses and friends that

help us on our new journey .

Salvatore and I have been together since 1999 and as the guys from

PitMaker say “ We have a passion for what we do “ same do us .

We love our work and working together . We believe ,

it will be another great chapter of our life .