BBQ Father Restaurant – History

pork2Yes, we have a mobile catering for events around Western Australia.

Welcome to The BBQ Father Exmouth Restaurant.

Our Exmouth Restaurant is located on Murat Road, in the heart of Exmouth in Western Australia.

Sav and Sabri’s passion for smoked meat began 15 years ago.

When they opened our first restaurant in Italy we built this massive grill on

the outside area in wich we were cooking fantastic T bone steaks and

home made “ salamella” panini ……..

Sav and Sabri bought their first smoker in Australia, and gradually the BBQ Father’s customers

couldn’t get enough of it, so obsessed Sav craved for

The Texas SMOKER!

So at the beginnning of 2013 Salvatore ( Sabri’s  crazy

husband ) knew where he needed to go to expand his knowledge and

buy smokers in Texas !

Salvatore flew to Texas in February 2014  for 4 days …….we told you

he is crazy :”) and He finally meets the Texan guys from Pit Maker .

A special thanks to Vic and Pete .

Together with them, Salvatore choose his SMOKERS!

Then He flew back to OZ and started to build the trailer for the

smokers and a big thanks go to all the local businesses and friends that

help us on our new journey.

Salvatore and Sabri have been together since 1999 and as the guys from

PitMaker say “ We have a passion for what we do “ as you will find, across the seas we do too.

Sabri and Chef Sav love their work and work together.

As seasoned restaurateurs, Sabri and Sav believe The BBQ father restaurant is another great chapter in their lives and really hope you enjoy their now landmark famous food with the best Exmouth restaurant experience.  See you soon at Exmouth’s Top rated Restaurant.

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